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About Me

As a homeschooled kid in small-town South Carolina, I was extremely interested in computers. Once I realized I had an affinity for technology, I never looked back. After graduating a couple years early from high school, I began my career on graduation day with an internship at a local system integrator shop. I went on to delve into programming, network infrastructure, telephony, and more. Over my career in IT spanning more than 25 years, I've collected many certificates [Microsoft, Citrix, Ascom, Genesys, Milestone VMS, C-Cure 9000, etc...], and I even earned my Microsoft MCSE NT 4.0 in the early years. Here recently, I'm currently investing lots of time in Azure, Teams and Security.

Resume & Accomplishments

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Personal Websites

  • (un)redeemed ministries

  • Ari Integration

  • GSA Manager

  • IP Cow

  • KJ4DIA

News & Reading

  • FierceTelecom

  • Android Central

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  • iMore

  • AppleInsider

  • Leadership Gold by John C. Maxwell

Contact Information

  • facebook.com/michalaferber

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  • linkedin.com/in/michalaferber

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